6 Ways To Cheer Up Your Loved Ones From Distance

In this crazy time of a worldwide pandemic a lot of our loved ones got stuck at home for many weeks or even months due to isolation or some other restrictions.

As lockdown begins to ease now and everything seems to be going back to normal, life will hopefully get a little easier. Unfortunately there are still people out there who need to self-isolate or perhaps got stuck in one part of the world while their family is in another. A lot of people will spend their birthday and other holidays all by themselves.

While we can’t hug all of our loved ones, talk to them in person, or share a cup of tea over the kitchen table, there are things we can do to cheer them up, and show them that we care about them.

The pandemic has definitely awakened the creative side of many people who have been doing their best to come up with ways to cheer up their family and friends.

Some people have been putting care packages together, some started sending handwritten letters, some would send flowers or chocolates.

There are many ways to make our loved ones feel special and here are some of them.

  1. Have a virtual afternoon tea session

You can have a nice tea party with your friends without even leaving your house! All you need to do is let you friends know ahead about the tea party, brew yourself a cuppa, get some cake or biscuits and viola, your tea party is ready! Don’t forget to lift your pinky while sipping from the cup 😉

  1. Send them handwritten letters and handmade cards

The value of handmade goods is so much bigger than of things bought from the shop, because it’s also sentimental! You can write a letter containing some funny memories that you share with the recipient of the letter, remembering good old times. You can also create your own postcard by printing out some nice photos or funny graphics, and decorate them with doodles or stickers. Imagination is the limit!

  1. Start a book club

It’s a fun idea to engage your friends or family members who like a good read. First, you might want to determine what kind of book club you would like to host. Then create a list of friends you would like to invite, and decide what kind of books you’d like to read together. Last but not least, set up some topics for discussion. If you’d like to make the whole thing a bit more fancy and special, you can order our Book & Tea Lover Box! It contains a book, some nice tea, and three additional gifts to give you this nice hygge experience, like sweets, incense or candles, head massagers, cosy socks and many more. Feel free to reach out to us for more information and we will make sure the boxes for your Book Club are nothing but perfect!

  1. Give them a call

When life gets overwhelming and stressful it’s really good to have someone who’s willing to listen. Sometimes, a person just needs to let it all out. Allow the person you know to talk about their worries and concerns. It doesn’t mean you have to solve their problem for them. There are times when a solution may present itself simply through talking to someone else. All you need to do is listening and then let it go.

  1. Play some games online

There are so many ways to pley online games with your friends that are interactive, fun, and free! Just because we’re stuck at home, doesn’t mean we can’t have a game night with our pals! Some games that gained popularity during lockdown are Quiplash, The Sims 4 Multiplayer, Skribbl, Crazy Eights, UNO, QuizUp and many more!

  1. Get well soon gift package

Sometimes the best way to cheer somebody up is to send them an unexpected gift or a care package. Care packages, also called ‘hugs in a box’ can contain all kinds of gifts, depending on the recipients’ interest, starting from pamper gift boxes and sweet treats to scented candle sets and eye-catching handmade decor, there are plenty of things that a care package can fit. Alternatively, if you’re not much of a fan of creating things, gift wrapping and decorating, you can purchase one of our Get Well Soon mystery boxes. We will make sure the box is filled with the right gifts and that the contents will put a wide bright smile on the recipient’s face 🙂

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