10 Best Gift Ideas For Book Lovers

Your friend’s birthday is just around the corner. You have been thinking about getting them a gift and also have made several trips to the shops, and you still do not know what to get them. But you know one thing; they have a thing for books! So what do you get a bookworm on their birthday?

Gifts for book lovers may be a bit difficult to select for someone who does not like to read, but let me tell you one secret, as a novel lover, I absolutely love getting lost in the world of books while having this little hygge experience – getting warm and cosy, especially on a rainy day.

Whatever you decide to give a book lover, make sure it gives them some pleasure and comfort.

In this article, we will list down the best gifts for book readers and how you can create a surprise box for this great friend or family member of yours who just can’t get enough of books.

1. Bestselling Books:

Of course, the very first item on the list would be… a book. Books are gifts that provide this immersive experience and an escape from the real world. Readers get transported to new places and learn new things with each and every read. Plus, you can always find a perfect book for any occasion throughouth the year! Some homey story for Christmas, a thriller for Halloween, a romance for the Valentine’s Day, and even a non-fiction for any occassion.

Gifting a book can never go wrong, as long as you know your friend’s preferences as for the genre. Do they like romance? Thrillers? Science-fiction? Neither? If so, you can always go for a non-fiction book, there are so many interesting reads now that it’s easy to get hooked, even if you’re not so much of a bookworm.

Another great thing about books is that they are so easy to wrap. We all know how much we struggle with wrapping the gifts. And the rectangle shape of a book helps us to gift-wrap them nicely and without watching countless tutorials on YouTube.


2. Tea Bundles:

The second best gift for a book lover is definitely… Tea! If you watch the movies, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of scenes involving reading a book come with… a cup of hot tea! Because all the readers crave warmth and healing, and what’s a better way to provide that than with a steaming, warm cup of tea. That is how our experience of enjoying a book gets enhanced.

There are so many varieties when it comes to tea that getting something should not be a problem. You can get some blooming tea flowers that open up once submerged in hot water, tea in a shape of a lollypop that dissolves in water, or just traditional loose tea.

Great thing about gifting someone tea is that there are many amazing flavors out there, so even if you’re not sure whether your friend would like a particular flavor, you can always get a bunch of different tea sachets and let your friend choose their favorite one!


3. Eco-Friendly Flask: 

There is nothing more annoying than getting up, again and again, to get my drink reheated in the middle of reading. That is why an eco-friendly flask is a great gift option as it can be filled with tea or hot chocolate and keep my drink warm for another few chapters 🙂 Eco-friendly flasks are great options as they do not contain any plastic and toxins and they last for years!

4. Candles and Incense Sticks:

Creating a care package for a book lover and not adding incense sticks or scented candles is like a crime. Scented candles are known to be extremely therapeutic and provide healing and comfort to our souls and our minds. They have a power to relax us instantly and make us feel like we are floating on cloud nine with a great story-tale to enjoy.

5. Cozy Socks:

Since we are on the whole topic of warmth and relaxation and healing and stress relieving, you have to gift a fiction lover with some nice, fluffy, cosy socks. A good alternatie to socks are slippers! The come in all shapes ans sizes and I’ve never seen anyone unhappy about receiving a new pair…

6. Sweets:

Presents for book lovers should definitely include something sweet to munch on while enjoying a good read. The possibilities are endless here! You can get some truffles, cookies, gummies, or even better, bake something yourself! Always make sure that the recipient doesn’t have any allergies or dietary requirements. But even if they do, that shouldn’t be a problem. There are so many vegan, gluten free, and nut free options nowadays that you don’t need to worry!

7. Head Massagers:

Head massager is another great novelty gift. They provide great comfort and relaxation and cause some other pleasant sensations… including goosebumps! But be careful! There is a chance that once your friend gets their hands on a head massager, these hands will not be into holding a book anytime soon 😉

8. Bath Bombs and Salts:

Talking about relaxation, what’s a better way to chill out than by taking a nice warm bath after a reading session. Or even during a reading session! And here’s when all the bath products come in handy. Bath bombs and bath salts provide ultimate happiness and comfort to anyone. They let us unwind for the day and just enjoy the warmth of water.

9. Handmade Soaps:

Handmade soaps are great additions to any care package. Not only they are useful, but also pretty and they smell like heavens! It’s goot to make sure that the soaps are natural, organic and cruelty free.

10. Mystery Box:

If you do not have the time to pick the present for your loved ones or create a care package yourself, why not just go for an amazing book and tea lovers’ mystery box? We will take care of picking the right gifts, packing them and decorating the box for you! This Book & Tea Lover Box is every book reader’s dream come true 🙂

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