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We don’t just stuff all the gifts in box-like other, we personally spend a lot of time picking, decorating the box, and hand wrapping all 7 gifts.
We don’t just send books, beauty products, our box covers different catalogs of gifts in a single box.
We’re strongly confident that our box will make you feel like the most special person in the world.
Not all the time we tend to choose the perfect gift but our box can solve that problem by offering a wide variety of options to choose from.


7 Unique Gifts
Our Mystery Box contains 7 wrapped gifts for 7 days of the week and we hand-wrap all the items individually which will take you back to your childhood memories.
Additional Treats
To make our boxes even more special and colorful, we always add some extra goodies to give more joy!
Handwritten Gift Note
Provide us your gift message and we will handwrite them for you.
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Distant Reiki Healing
Our box is more than a tangible item. We strive to spread the happiness and sunshine via our boxes by sending distant Reiki healing to every recipient of the box.
Decorated Box
We can decorate the box based on your requirements. You can choose any favourite colour or personal picture to be incorporated.


The Sunshine Lab is amazing and Daria’s attention to detail and care about those who the gifts are for goes above and beyond that of any seller I have ever come across. This is the most beautiful gift I have ever given anyone and the personal touches really show that this is much more than just a business to Daria. I honestly think that everyone should receive at least one of these at some point. You can’t help but smile opening the box and each of the daily goodies. Highly recommended for anyone who could do with a little extra love.

- Priya, United Kingdom

I bought this box for my boyfriend in lockdown when he was in another country, and he facetimed me when he got it and was absolutely over the moon, this gift really shows your spouse that you are thinking of them and that you love them!!! I absolutely loved this product and the element of mystery made it even more enjoyable!!!

- Lauren, United States

Is it possible to give 10 stars?? 😀 I am so, so pleased and happy with my surprise box. Not only were the gifts perfect for me (how did you know?!) But they each had a unique way of bringing joy to my life. Having a surprise each day was really exciting and I can’t begin to thank you for the sunshine you have brought to my life. SO much effort was put into the box. Beautiful little touches and handwritten notes. Anyone suffering from a mental health condition or just needing some joy buy this box! Seriously it’s happiness and glitter and the perfect pick me up! Thank you 🙂

- Urszula, United Kingdom

Personal Touch

We are always happy to meet our customers' personal requirements

Cruelty Free

Gifts that we include in the box are 100% cruelty free

Worldwide Shipping

We ship our boxes internationally

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